N2000-Alien plants along river banks

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Protected areas and the Natura 2000 network are keystones of the EU nature and biodiversity policy. However, alien plants do not stop their spread at the border of protected areas and invasive plants are reported to threaten many ecosystems, notably in aquatic and riparian areas.

A stratified sampling of the Natura 2000 network in Wallonia revealed that at least 41 alien plant species were present. 75 % of the sampled sites were invaded by at least one alien plant species.

データ レコード

この オカレンス(観察データと標本) リソース内のデータは、1 つまたは複数のデータ テーブルとして生物多様性データを共有するための標準化された形式であるダーウィン コア アーカイブ (DwC-A) として公開されています。 コア データ テーブルには、273 レコードが含まれています。

この IPT はデータをアーカイブし、データ リポジトリとして機能します。データとリソースのメタデータは、 ダウンロード セクションからダウンロードできます。 バージョン テーブルから公開可能な他のバージョンを閲覧でき、リソースに加えられた変更を知ることができます。





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Occurrence; Alien plants; alien flora; exotic plants; Natura 2000; river banks; Observation


Arnaud Monty
  • メタデータ提供者
  • 最初のデータ採集者
  • 連絡先
Research supervisor
Liège University - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Biodiversity and Landscape unit
Passage des Déportés,2
5030 Gembloux
+ 32 81 62 23 86
Hélène Aimont
  • 最初のデータ採集者
Research assisstant


Wallonia, southern Belgium.

座標(緯度経度) 南 西 [49.526, 3.645], 北 東 [50.763, 6.341]


開始日 / 終了日 2013-05-02 / 2013-09-08



タイトル Etat des lieux de l’occurrence d’espèces végétales exotiques dans les habitats rivulaires d’intérêt biologique et patrimonial.
ファンデイング Project funded by Service Public de Wallonie DGARNE-DNF.
Study Area Description River banks included in the N2000 network of the Walloon Region (Southern Belgium).



A stratified sampling was performed across the N2000 network in the Walloon Region, using bioclimatic subregions (Ardenne, Lorraine, Famenne, Condroz and Hesbaye) and water basin size (> or < 100 km²) as strata. A sampling unit consisted in a 150 long x 10m wide strip of river bank. In a total of 187 sampling units (corresponding to ca. 0.4% of the 6800 km of rivers in the Wallon Natura 2000 network), vegetation surveys were realized between May and September 2013.

Study Extent The study took place along river banks included in the N2000 network of the Walloon Region (Southern Belgium), between May and September 2013.

Method step description:

  1. A map of the N2000 network was crossed with the hydrographic network map of Wallonia.
  2. Using this map, 10 strata were defined based on bioclimatic subregions (Ardenne, Lorraine, Famenne, Condroz and Hesbaye) and water basin size (> or < 100 km²) and the number of potential sampling units in each stratum was calculated.
  3. A constant proportion of sampling units were randomly selected in each stratum.
  4. Each sampling unit was visited and vegetation relevés were realized.


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